The wolf pack, along with new members Kira and Malia, travel to Mexico to confront the Calaveras hunters and negotiate for Derek’s release. What they find turns their world upside down and may lead to one of the most dangerous foes they have ever faced.


**********CAUTION********** SPOILERS DEAD AHEAD **********CAUTION**********

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How do you kick off a new season after a season with one of the darkest, most devastating storylines of the whole series?  Jump right back into the fray.



Bq1WABWCMAAc7fc.jpg largeBqhML4dCEAAbARN.jpg largeThe search for a missing Derek, leads the wolf pack to take a secret excursion across the border to Mexico.  All signs point to the Calaveras hunters as the people behind Derek’s sudden disappearance.  Stiles and (a very cynical) Lydia maneuver their way into a secret underground dance club owned by the Calaveras and wrangle a face t0 face meeting with their leader, Araya (who we met last season and who is also very fond of torture by electricity).  The negotiations for Derek’s release start out strong with a confident Stiles backing up his demands with $50,000 in cash and a were-coyote, a kitsune and an Alpha wolf strategically placed throughout the club — all inflicting maximum damage when called upon.

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But things go awry when the Calaveras’ pull out all the stops (it is their home after all) and the pack finds themselves at the mercy of the hunters.  Before blacking out, Scott suddenly realizes that not only are they no closer to finding Derek, but Araya and her hunters don’t have a clue where Derek is either.



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Next, Araya decides to test out Lydia’s abilities.  She is not very familiar with the powers of a Banshee and soon learns that Lydia does not understand much about her capabilities either.  Then, using her favorite torture device, electricity, Araya forces Kira to torture Scott.  She pushes Scott to the point where he is able to tap into his wolf senses and solve the mystery of who has taken Derek — Kate Argent.    Deciding that finding Kate Argent is more important that destroying this young pack (for now), Araya decides to let them go and even give them someone to help guide them in their search.  That someone turns out to be a familiar face — Braeden, the mercenary that helped Isaac escape from the Deucalion and the Alpha pack in the past.  Araya sends Scott off with a not so veiled threat to hunt him down if he ever crosses the line.

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The gang sets off (in Stiles’ jeep), following Braeden to the ruins of an old church — the last known place that Kate Argent was thought to be hiding. Scott explains what he found out about Kate. The wolf hunters were suspicious about the way she died and stole her body from the morgue when their worst predictions turned out to be true – Kate was becoming a “were.”

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They tried to force her to follow the hunter’s code and kill herself before she changed at the first moon, but she had other ideas. She killed several people and escaped. Every hunter that has gone after her has not returned. She is the one who has taken Derek, but no one knows why.

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When something hits the jeep and causes a breakdown, Scott and Braeden continue the journey, leaving Stiles, Lydia, Kira and Malia trying to make repairs. Malia finds the cause of the accident – a large claw-like bone imbedded in the wheelbase. Not wanting to have to face whatever that came from, the gang works feverishly to fix the jeep. As night falls, Malia and Kira sense danger and investigate strange sounds coming from nearby. They get separated briefly, but Malia returns stating that she doesn’t know what the monsters are, but they are fast and cut deep (and she has the cut to prove it).


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Meanwhile, Braeden and Scott have reached the church and are about to have a similar encounter in the catacombs of the old abandoned church. They sense they are being followed and just as the monsters are closing in, Scott releases a mega-Alpha wolf growl that shakes the whole place. It scares off their attacker(s) long enough for them to find a tomb with strange markings – the tomb that holds someone they are looking for.


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Stiles has gotten the jeep repaired and he and the rest of the wolf pack arrive at the church just as Scott and Braeden emerge with the person from the tomb. It is Derek… a teenaged Derek!


Though it was a bit disappointing that there was no real discussion of last season’s many losses – especially of Allison – in the first episode of the season, there was no shortage of action. From the moment the wolf pack sets foot in the town in Mexico to the shocking reveal of a de-aged Derek, the excitement never slowed down. And in between there were plenty of laughs, usually due to the hilarious Stiles and Malia, plus a dash of Lydia and Braeden snark. Even Araya Calaveras had a few good moments, although her humor was a lot darker and much more entertaining for her than anyone else.


We learned a few key things though:

*Stiles will never abandon his jeep.

*Malia will never abandon Stiles.

*Scott will never abandon his friends.

*The pack will never abandon Derek.

*Braeden will abandon – and even kill – any or all of them for the right price.

And that’s progress. Until the next episode!



Teen Wolf airs on MTV on Mondays at 10/9c.  Full episodes are also available at the MTV Teen Wolf website and On Demand (check your cable listings) as well as on iTunes, Amazon, Hulu and Google Play.


Teen Wolf Season 4 Cast Shot Photo Credit Jaimie Trueblood and MTV

Wolf Wisdom

I always like to include some of my favorite quotes and exchanges from the episode.  If you have some quotes or moments you liked, please share in the comments section.

Lydia to Stiles: “We are going to die.”
Stiles: “Are you saying that as a Banshee or are you just being pessimistic?”
Lydia: “I’m saying that as a person who doesn’t wanna die.”
Araya Calaveras to Stiles and Lydia, regarding coming into her establishment looking for Derek: “Not wise to come alone.”
Stiles: “What makes you think we came alone?”
[Cut to Malia, then Kira strategically placed in the dance club.]
Araya: “You brought a wolf into my home?!”
Stiles:   “We brought an Alpha.”  [Cut to Scott, red Alpha eyes glowing.]
Araya to Stiles and Lydia: “I wonder why, when you and your friends have suffered so much loss, you would risk it again for someone like Derek Hale?”
Stiles: “”Cause we don’t like to lose.”
[In the background, over the walkie talkies, guards check in – except for one – he is knocked out on the floor and someone picks up his walkie and speaks.]
Scott: “Stiles… take 10 off the table.”
Stiles to Araya: “Just give us Derek. You don’t want him anyway. Haven’t you noticed what a downer he is? No sense of humor, poor conversationalist. Just come on, take the money.”
Kira to Malia, as the pack talks about how to escape the Calaveras hunters: “What about Lydia?”
Malia: “What about her?”
Scott: “We’re not leaving without her.”
Malia: “Why not?”
Stiles: [gently] “Because we don’t leave without people. Remember, we talked about this. Rules of the wild kingdom don’t apply to friends.”
Kira: “Is that what you would do as a coyote, leave her for dead?”
Malia: “If she was weak and injured, yeah. If hunting had been bad that season, I would eat her. THEN I would leave.”
Stiles: “Ummm, believe it or not, that’s progress.”
Araya to Scott, as he is leaving town: “Now I know what kind of Alpha you are. And where you next step lies. “
Scott: “What next step?”
Araya: “When you take the bite of an innocent, when you make a wolf of your own – when you do that – then, I will cross your border and come knocking at your door.
Braeden, to the pack: “Right now, I’m the only one who’s gonna take you to la iglesia.
Lydia: “The Church?”
Stiles: “What’s ‘The Church?’”
Braeden: “It’s not a place you’ll find God.”
Kira to Scott and pack, regarding Kate: “So Kate’s a werewolf now?”
Scott: “I don’t know. You know there’s a saying… sometimes the shape you take reflects the person you are.”
Lydia: “What kind of shape is a sociopathic bitch?”
Braeden to Scott, regarding being paid to hunt Kate: “Girl’s gotta eat.”
Scott: “If they paid you enough, would you kill her?”
Braeden: “if the money was good, I’d kill you.”
Braeden to Scott, as they search tomb: “How come you didn’t kiss your girlfriend?”
Scott: “You mean Kira?”
Braeden: “Whatever her name is.”
Scott: “Well, she’s not really, uh… I mean, we’ve never actually… She’s not my girlfriend.”
Braeden: “So, if you die down here, are you gonna regret not kissing her? [beat, as Scott slowly looks back at Braeden] You should have kissed your girlfriend.”
Stiles (with Kira and Lydia) to Malia, in Jeep as they go to find Scott: [very agitated] “You… You, please don’t do that ever again!”
Malia: “Do what?”
Stiles: “I… I thought you just took off. I thought you were running.”
Malia: [confused] “I was running.”
Stiles: “No, I mean, like, I thought you were leaving.” [Lydia watches the exchange and looks to Malia for her reaction.]
Malia: [matter-of-factly] “I wouldn’t leave without you.”
Stiles: [surprised] “Really?”
Malia: “I would never leave without you.” [Lydia rolls her eyes. Malia looks back at Kira and Lydia, then back to Stiles.]
Malia: “Them, I would leave.”
Stiles: “Yeah… [looks back at an annoyed Lydia and bemused Kira] Um, it’s progress.”
Scott to Braeden, after releasing a huge growl to intimidate whatever is chasing them: “I think I scared it.”
Braeden: “I think you scared everything!”
Malia to Stiles, regarding the person Scott and Braeden have saved: “Is that him? Is that Derek?”
Stiles: “Um, sort of.”
[The person looks up and it is Derek – a teenaged Derek!]

And the my absolute favorite quote of the night was from Stiles:

Lydia, as Stiles works on his Jeep while they are stranded in the desert: “Maya we should just walk.”
Stiles: “Hey, I will never abandon this Jeep. You understand me? Ever. Ever.”

Stiles will never abandon his beloved Jeep, just as Dean Winchester would never abandon his Impala. Sounds like the qualities of a true and loyal hero to me!

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