Spooked logo Geek and SundrySpooked wraps up its four-week run on Geek and Sundry as the crew battles a possessed college girl, and confronts a part of Connor’s past.





Spooked may be described as a supernatural comedy about ghost hunters, but it’s more than that. It’s people battling literal demons and and their own demons. This is especially true for Connor (Julian Curtis), who’s hoping that having his mostly silent sister, Piper (Shyloh Oostwald), help investigate the paranormal will help her deal with the loss of their parents. He is also dealing with his growing attraction to Morgan (Ashley Johnson), the occult specialist. Elliot (Derek Mio), meanwhile, still treats everything like it’s part of a movie, while Lindsay (Neil Grayston) is the skeptic who’s hoping to be proven wrong.

Spooked CastThe season finale, “Exorschism”,  involves a college student named Nicole (Emily Yetter) who gets possessed by a demon named Barumzel after she and her roommate Sarah (Chelsea Harris) play a game that involves blowing out candles and attracting demons. Sarah’s excited that her roomie goes all Taylor Lautner, but not when she goes all Linda Blair.

Back at the Paranormal Investigation Team RV. Connor and Morgan are planning a weekend that may include cosmic bowling. Then, they’re told about the possessed college student, and Elliot asks if it’s Emily Rose or Ringu style.  Once they get there, they meet Amanda (Constance Wu), Connor’s former fiancé and an adjunct professor at the school. Naturally, Morgan is a bit jealous. Lindsay seems to be a bit slow to come up with a scientific explanation for what’s happening to Nicole. That’s because something is missing from the footage of the haunted apartment from last week…Matt, the ghost. Connor says he still needs Lindsay’s voice in the mission, even if it is annoying.

As for Nicole, she plays the violin very well for a possessed girl, but also spits out disgusting yellow loogies. The crew thinks getting a priest is necessary, although Elliot suggests using a scythe (showing that he misses Buffy). They do get a priest…sort of…in the form of Elliot. He claims he’s ordained, but not too good at exorcism.

Possessed Nicole, however, gets in some insults, like claiming Morgan is a poser, and Lindsay allegedly abandoned his mom while she was sick. It also accuses spooked possessed girlConnor of still having a thing for Amanda, and claims it sent her to him. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, because Amanda does show up at the RV, finding Piper alone. They go to Connor, and Amanda asks him what he’s doing with his life and Piper’s. It forces him to finally make a choice.

The crew does save the day, thanks to Piper, Morgan and even Elliot’s holy water spray. The experience also forces Connor to admit that Amanda is the demon he has to deal with, but that he also wants a chance with Morgan.

Still, his belief that having Piper help out with battling demons can be good therapy could be true, She played a key role in the exorcism, but still expresses more with a stare than speaking, Elliot is still dealing with ghost busting by using movie references, but that’s his style. Lindsay, meanwhile, admits being part of the PIT is more intellectually challenging than he thought. He may also be open to the possibility of things science can’t explain.

After four weeks, Spooked has proven to be a good sitcom about battling the strange and getting through life in general. A lot of fans may hope to see more of the PIT very soon.

Episodes of Spooked can be found at Hulu, Geek and Sundry and YouTube.

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