Spooked cast Geek and SundryAfter taking on a poltergeist and aliens, the Paranormal Investigation Team heads to a haunted apartment. However, it’s still trying to deal with a bigger problem: Connor and Morgan sharing a kiss, which upset Elliot.



“Brotherly Departed” starts with a guy named Matt (Tom Lenk) sitting alone in his apartment watching “Fright Force”, with everything in the apartment wrapped in plastic. He seems to be aware of the ghost that’s around. In fact, it’s right behind him.

When the team arrives, Connor (Julian Curtis) and Morgan (Ashley Johnson) are acting weird after the kiss. Elliot (Derek Mio) is so upset he reads his copy of the Guild upside down. He was always hoping Morgan would notice him, despite his pick up lines. They put their concerns aside to investigate the problem. Matt says his brother, Andrew (Derek Carter), drowned at the pool at the complex. Andrew was a good swimmer, based on his wrapped trophies, but he hit his head doing a flip turn.

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Their investigation gets stalled due to Elliot still being upset with Connor, but suddenly they see bloody lettering and the ghost knocking over Elliot. Why? Seems Andrew was rescued, but refuses to accept that he’s not a ghost. Matt hopes the team can snap Andrew out of his delusion.

Morgan is worried real ghosts could get upset by what they’re doing. But it’s still a nice twist, especially when the PIT has to pretend Andrew is writing down his thoughts with a floating pen, even though they can clearly see him wearing a sheet with eye holes.

Eventually, the team makes peace with the kiss, although Connor and Morgan may still have issues. Morgan tells Elliot how she met Connor and Piper. Then they find a way to get Andrew to accept that he’s alive….leading to one last twist.

Lenk is great as Matt, but it’s interesting his brother was named Andrew, the same name as his character on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.

Next week is the season finale, where the PIT takes on a possessed college student. Morgan also finds out who Amanda, the girl Connor called on the phone in the pilot, really is. Let’s say it may affect her future with him.

Episodes of Spooked can be found on YouTube, Geek and Sundry, and Hulu. New episodes are available on Wednesdays.

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