Salomé by Oscar Wilde, as recorded by LA Theatre Works.

Salomé by Oscar Wilde, as recorded by LA Theatre Works.

LA Theatre Works is one of my favorite live theater experiences in Los Angeles. True, it’s not theater as most people think of it, since the performances do not require sets or costumes, and the scripts are in the actor’s hands while they perform, but it’s something that is beautiful to see and experience. How many other groups are recording plays as audio performances that air on the radio all over the country? (Some of these recordings can also be found on their Soundcloud page.)

As I shared previously, I saw Salomé at the closing night performance in February. The show, which features James Marsters as Iokanaan (John the Baptist) is now available to a much wider audience on the LA Theatre Works Soundcloud. Be sure to check it out while you can! The performance was top-notch, and on Soundcloud, it’s followed up with a Q&A Session that is an online exclusive. Check both audio pieces out, and see what else LA Theatre Works has to offer for sale on their website!

Keep an eye on the Soundcloud page, as LA Theatre Works offers other recent broadcasts that can also be listened to and enjoyed.

Have you listened to any LA Theatre Works recordings before? Which have been your favorites? Let us know in the comments, as well as sharing your opinions on Salomé!

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