Who wants to go on an awkward road trip? If it’s with Enzo and Caroline then count us in! Come on what could be more fun than going to Atlanta with one sexy vampire with a British accent and a feisty good-hearted vampire?


In an attempt to save her new bestie, Stefan, from the “Travelers,” Caroline embarks on a road trip with Damon’s self-proclaimed “murder buddy,” Enzo, to Atlanta to find and kill Stefan’s last living doppelganger, Tom Avery. The reason behind the necessary death of doppelganger Tom has not been revealed but we’re sure it can’t possibly be good. It seems however, that Caroline and Enzo are not the only ones with an interest in Tom who they learn went missing four months earlier. As the unlikely duo try to figure out who took Tom and where he is, the “Travelers” continue to search Stefan’s brain to find out more about his last doppelganger.


Meanwhile, back in Mystic Falls, after a post-breakup romp, Elena and Damon attend an awkward parent-teacher conference with Jeremy’s teachers and find out that he has been skipping classes, fighting and cheating on tests. When we see Jeremy socializing with Bonnie’s new witch friend, Liv, it seems something fishy is going on between the two of them. Of course it turns out that the blonde witch simply needs something from Jeremy.

Back at the parent-teacher conference Elena fantasizes about Damon and steps out for some air. This decision nearly costs her life when Liv attacks her and tells her that she has to die. Seems the “Travelers” weren’t exactly being honest about their intentions for the last remaining Doppelgangers.


In Atlanta, Caroline and Enzo find Tom. And although Enzo is prepared and quite happy about ending the human’s life, Caroline isn’t as inclined to spill blood and she rescues the Stefan lookalike at least for the time being. As per Vampire Diaries tradition no one is ever safe, and Enzo finds Caroline and her new buddy in a parking lot and kills Tom as easily as one could eat a sandwich.

When Caroline returns to tell Stefan that she couldn’t kill Tom, but that he died anyway, the Stefan and Caroline shippers are given false hope that they will see the two come together. Their friendship is one for the ages and we know that somehow they will always save each other.


Back at Whitmore College, it seems that the “Travelers” had Bonnie in mind to carry out their big plan. They set themselves on fire and enter Bonnie- the anchor to the other side- in order to bring forth their leader, a man who looks very much out of time and place but really foreboding.

Now we’re left with more questions than when the episode first began. Such as, what is Jeremy’s real involvement with Liv and her twin brother, Luke? Will Delena ever come back together or will Stelena find a way back to where they once were?

Hopefully we will find out some more next week and some of our nagging questions will be answered.

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