Ding-dong the witch is dead… finally! Last week we said goodbye to the elusive Katherine Pierce and welcomed back the wholesome vampire, Elena Gilbert. However, as we expected, Katherine didn’t go down without a fight.


Elena Gilbert has her body back but that doesn’t mean her problems stop there. Her doppelgänger left her with a parting gift: the altered ripper virus laced with werewolf venom. Now vampire Gilbert is a vampire-blood craving and delusional-sick vampire trapped in her dorm at Wittmore College while Stefan and Caroline search for a cure. Poor Damon, who thought the love of his life broke up with him and went on a killing binge that included his girlfriend’s friend Aaron Wittmore, is stuck trapped in his basement while Elena goes literally insane at college.


Meanwhile Caroline has a lead. Unfortunately, it is in the form of Damon’s unstable friend, Enzo. He knows where the antidote is but there’s a catch- as always. The antidote is with the travelers and they want something from Stefan- to find his other self. Yes, that’s right. There is another Stefan running around and he needs to be killed. Why? Well that’s what we’d all like to know!

As Elena’s hallucinations worsen, she begins to believe she is the one who killed Aaron and is desperate to get out of her safety trap to figure it out. She is so desperate, she threatens the life of Bonnie’s witch friend who placed the confinement spell. Her plan works and she takes of running… right into the illusion of Aaron. Only this time he’s perfectly healthy and seemingly alive. Her relief is short lived as she realizes that she has actually run into the vampire she loves, Damon. Fans are only offered a moment of reprieve as Damon finally confesses to killing Aaron just as Enzo arrives with the antidote.


Stefan has been enduring incredible pain to help the travelers find his doppelgänger, and when they finally do, it turns out he’s no vampire or supernatural creature but a paramedic helping to save lives in Atlanta. Now Caroline and Enzo must set out on an awkward road trip to find and kill the medical-helper Stefan to keep the travelers from further injuring actual Stefan.

Back at the Salvatore mansion, Elena finally speaks to Damon after his confession, but the only words the fans hear are, “I love you,” right before they lock into a passionate kiss and what we can only imagine was an incredible night together.


Does this mean Elena and Damon are officially back together? What about Stefan who is doing all he can to help his ex-girlfriend? These questions and more are exactly why we love this show. It keeps us guessing!

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