Chris Hemsworth 2Wizard World Sacramento was a major success over the weekend, and one big reason was the appearance of Chris Hemsworth, best known for being Thor, but proving he’s a lot more than that.
He discussed as lot of subjects, like what it was like to work with Tom Hiddleston as Loki, how the role changed his life, and also being Australian.

In this video, he talks about how Kenneth Branagh, who directed Thor, helped him understand Norse mythology. He also talked about how he prepared for the role of James Hunt in Rush, and what to expect in Avengers: Age of Ultron. He’s hoping for more scenes, of course.

He also revealed when he’ll start filming in London, and also talked about two other movies he’ll be in next year: Cyber, a thriller about computer crimes, and In The Heart of the Sea, which recounts how Herman Melville was inspired to write Moby Dick. He also talks about how it’s tricky for Thor to set aside his hammer.

During the panel, he said that when he was filming The Cabin in the Woods, he was surprised Curt (his character) would survive battling a zombie family, but get killed by something unexpected. He also discussed things like hair conditioner (reviving the Thoreal internet meme), who was the best dancer in the Avengers cast, and his favorite movies including The Neverending Story, Labyrinth and The Terminator.

Whedonopolis has a separate playlist for this panel. You can find it here or watch below.


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