From what I gather, Grimm has gotten a lot better since I checked out. And by better, I mean it’s gone back to being ridiculous in a fun way, rather than being insufferable. You can read my review of the season premiere if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Friday’s (Mar. 7) episode is the Sgt. Wu episode. It’s also the pregnancy and birth episode? That doesn’t seems as disjointed when you watch it.

But we finally get some history on Wu, as well as finally learn his first name! And the B Plot revolves around Adalind finally giving birth and regaining her powers. Though she might not be the hexenbiest we need to worry about.
Sgt. Wu- erm, I mean, Reggie Lee- will be doing a phone conference interview tomorrow, and Whedonopolis will be asking questions. If you have questions for Reggie, leave them in the comments, or tweet us.

Catch this episode this Friday at 9/10p.m. EST on NBC. And catch up on past episodes on the NBC website.

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