Happy Friday everyone! Tonight, Bones was all new, and it has to be one of my favorite episodes so far. The team will investigate the murder of a great musician, and a member of the team will have his life changed forever.  For those of you who have not watched tonight’s episode, do not watch the first ten minutes while eating, and have tissues handy. This episode will stir up emotions in anyone with a heart.


We begin at the crime scene of our latest victim, and the remains are literally disgusting. You just see a pile of what was once the insides of a human mixed with vomit. Probably one of the grosser crimes scenes I have seen on this show. There’s no way of telling who this is or how they died, so we do not get much info until the team gets back to the lab. In the lab, Camille finds a dismembered and mangled penis, and our first mystery is solved. Like I said before, not an episode to watch while eating. 😉 We know the deceased is a male, and with some fancy work by Angela we get our first clue. A napkin leads them to a bar where we find out that our victim is a country music singer named Colin Haynes. According to a couple of bartenders there, he played often and was anything but popular. He’s just another musician who barely makes ends meet by playing around town; so who wanted him dead?

Booth and Sweets investigate the victim’s apartment and meet his landlord Kara. She doesn’t say much more than the bartenders did, and she isn’t very fond of him. They collect some evidence, and that leads them to a publishing company. Here we meet Harriet, who is just your typical music snake. She confirms that Colin is a nobody, and all that can be said for sure at this point is that Colin did not seem to have many fans in his personal or professional life.

Sweets works on analyzing his music while the rest of the team try to figure out just how he was killed. He had several conflicting injuries, and the state of his body was making it that much more difficult. Booth and Sweets decide to go get some more of his music from the apartment, when a man is seen fleeing. Booth is now part of a chase that ends with him shooting a guy right off his bicycle. It’s pretty awesome. However, things get very weird when the man informs them that he is collecting memorabilia for a museum. Not just any museum, but one dedicated to Colin, in the Philippines. Turns out, Colin was a star… just in a different country. He also didn’t seem to know, nor get paid, for any of it.

This makes the label and Harriet seem pretty guilty, but they do not have any evidence that proves she did anything but rob him of money and recognition. In the lab, Wendell really does amazing work and finds not only the murder weapon, but the all the details necessary to solve the case. At the same time, information comes in that Kara was the last person to see him alive. Booth thinks they have found their killer, but a shocking twist comes when we are brought back to the bar where the investigation started. Apparently, Kara had been seeing the bartender previously, and he was scared he was losing her… so he murdered poor Colin. Colin never had a chance to enjoy his fame, or be with the girl he liked so much. It was all taken away before he could even enjoy his life. It was very sad for Kara, and for the whole team. He was a gifted musician and sweet man. He was cheated out of it all.

Tonight, the murder victim is not the only man who has been cheated out of a good life. Wendell is injured while playing hockey, which seems harmless. But when Brennan sees the video she knows the injury doesn’t match the fall. She takes a look at his x-rays and discovers he has a rare form of bone cancer. She is heartbroken and has to tell him, even though she shouldn’t have been looking through his medical records. Her and Booth sit him down to tell him the horrible news. Temperance begins to cry, and then I started to get weepy. It’s the worst news a person can hear; and Wendell agrees to see an expert. During this investigation, Wendell does his best work, and Booth doesn’t want him to give up without a fight. However, Wendell initially thinks it’s best to enjoy the remainder of his life living, not suffering with chemo. Thankfully at the last minute he decides to fight, and remain at the Smithsonian. Brennan is happy to have him stay, but we end the episode feeling very saddened by what’s inevitable. Booth ends the episode with a quote that I found very inspiring when he says, “Sometimes you just have to dance to the music that’s given to you.” Indeed you do.

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