Photo Credit: CBS

Photo Credit: CBS

Are you a fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar who wants to have your creative graphic work featured on Sarah’s Twitter page? Then be sure to check out this contest, which is open to everyone and was sent to us by the lovely Sarah herself:

Hi everyone,

Sarah here:

I wanted to do something fun when I reached 100,000 twitter fans but it’s hard to have a contest with only 140 characters, so I decided to ask my friends at Whedonopolis to host the contest info.

And thank you all for the 100k follows on twitter!!!

Good Luck and I can’t wait to see all the creativity!!!



Here’s how the contest works:
You create a background for Sarah’s Twitter page and post it on Twitter with the hashtag #SMGTwitterContest, so SMG can see your work.  She will then pick a background design and a profile banner to use as her Twitter profile until she hits her next 100k followers.  A cool prize from the set of The Crazy Ones… and maybe even Buffy, will go to the creator(s) of the winning design.


Deadline: November 15


Background banner: 1600 pixels wide x 1200 pixels tall 
If you plan on creating a background sidebar to go along with your background, create an image with dimensions around 235 pixels wide x 700 pixels tall and place your sidebar in the upper-right hand corner of your background when you’re finished.
Profile Banner: 520x 260 Save both as a PNG file.Try it on your twitter to be sure it fits correctly.
No tiled images please! Be creative and use your imagination!


The designer of the chosen graphics will be contacted by a private, third party to email the original images.Feel free to add “Created by: @(your twitter handle)” in the bottom corner. (We want you to take credit for the design.)

Here are some links that should help with getting the dimensions right:

Twitter Background

Twitter Header

Help Uploading Your Background Image

Good luck to all on this awesome contest, and we here at Whedonopolis are just as excited as Sarah and her team to see the results!

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