Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s new episode of The Crazy Ones. This week, the plot focused on Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) having to create a campaign for Windy City Coffee. She’s desperate to come up with a good idea for the campaign, which isn’t helped by Simon (Robin Williams) selling an idea using only adjectives and comes up with one which the client approves. Everything goes through, until the unveiling of the campaign, which goes horribly wrong due to wind. The clients are furious, and Sydney and her father have to turn the bad campaign into a good one. At the same time, one of the other members of the team, Andrew (Hamish Linklater) is jealous of Zach’s (James Wolk) relationship with Simon. To make up for this, Simon has Andrew help him raise ducklings, which end up being essential to a tertiary plot. It leads to several fun moments between Simon, Zach, and Andrew throughout the episode, including Zach being jealous of Andrew’s connection and bonding with the ducklings.

This new episode of The Crazy Ones was a lot of fun to watch, and there were a few moments that really stuck with me. First, as Sydney is desperately trying to figure out how to create her campaign for Windy City Coffee, she and Simon share in some inappropriate banter that has Sydney blanching while Simon continues with pun after pun. I groaned as it happened, but I was smiling as I did. Juvenile jokes can still be hilarious when done properly. Another moment that stuck with me was watching the Windy City Coffee campaign fail and how it was turned into a success. While the fiasco was going down, Sydney makes a comment about being a supervillain, and it felt like a nod to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I would love to share some more details about why I loved last night’s episode of The Crazy Ones, but I’m trying not to give away too many spoilers. Instead, go watch the episode yourselves. It’s good, and the overreaching “moral” of the episode is good. Everyone should “dare to dream big and work small.” It’s amazing how well such a simple yet heartfelt message resonated throughout the episode.

If you missed last night’s new episode, or want to rewatch it, you can see it here on CBS.com.

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