We talked to the creator and cast of the MTV supernatural hit, Teen Wolf.  The lively group included creator and executive producer, Jeff Davis, plus stars Tyler Posey (Scott McCall), Crystal Reed (Allison Argent), Holland Roden (Lydia Martin), and new cast additions, the Carver twins – Max and Charlie.

This lively group was all abuzz about upcoming developments for each of their characters.  They chatted with us about everything from relationships and romance to tattoos and motorcycles and doing their own stunts.  And Tyler Posey made an announcement of his own.

Executive producer and creator Jeff Davis talks to us about the kiss between Stile and Lydia, upcoming changes for Stiles, the Motel California episode, druids, the character of Lydia and her scream, Kali and her lack of shoes,  the evolution of Allison Argent, relationships and romance, and developing Scott’s pack.

Teen Wolf star, Tyler Posey, chats about Scott becoming the true alpha, a new love interest for Scott, his favorite scene to shoot, shooting in L.A. vs Atlanta and his own engagement.

Crystal Reed chats about what’s coming up for Allison, her relationship with Isaac, working with all the Teen Wolf boys, doing her own stunts and a new weapon for Allison.

The Carver twins, Charlie and Max, discuss joining the cast, Teen Wolf fans, what attracted them to their character, working together, Teen Wolf vs. Desperate Housewives, doing their own stunts, werewolf make-up and working behind the camera.

Holland Roden talks about finding out what Lydia is, Lydia kissing Stiles and envisioning a musical episode for TW.

Teen Wolf airs on MTV every Monday.  Check it out!

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