Every year, Zachary Levi has a “mystery panel” as part of his Nerd HQ panels. Earlier today (July 19th), he revealed he needed some co-hosts so he can rest his voice for a Broadway musical that he’s doing. Fans approved of his choice of co-hosts.Nerd HQ

Fans cheered to see Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion, and Rob Kazinski from Pacific Rim enter the stage at Petco Park. Levi says Tudyk will help out on the Friday panels while Fillion would be part of Saturday’s lineup, including Joss Whedon, Dr. Who and Kick-Ass 2. Both, by the way, are co-hosting the showing of Serenity at Petco Park tomorrow night. Tickets can be bought here. 

All three enjoyed an hour of  meeting with fans and answering assorted questions. They commented on the new stage at Petco being classier, although the chairs were a bit too deep. Nathan also did a good deed by helping out a girl from Australia was robbed of her luggage.

Then, they went through several subjects like how they got their first break, their favorite scenes, and what kind of villain they’d like to portray, Alan had the best stories about he became a bartender at a strange bar, and how he came up with the King Candy character in Wreck-It Ralph. He also gave away assorted swag that he’s collected, and some of the stuff is very collectible.  The panel is available below.

We’ll also embed the panels with Joss Whedon Saturday, and Nathan Fillion Sunday, and maybe more to come

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