A group of Nathan Fillion fans in Poland want him to visit their country. It even has its own video that shows how devoted they are, and it’s already gotten his attention…

Maciej Wanicki is part of the Browncoats. They visited Comic-Con 2012 to attend the panel commemorating the tenth anniversary of Firefly. They met the SoCal Browncoats, but didn’t get a chance to meet Fillion. So they made this YouTube video called “O Captain, My Captain,” showing fans from all over Poland express their love for their favorite captain…


By the way, if you saw Dead Poets  Society, you know why the fans stood on chairs before saying “O Captain, My Captain”. That was also an example of aiming to misbehave.

The group still wants Fillion to visit Poland, so they produced a new video that shows that Poland is a little bit of Serenity. The fans are seen building their own Firefly, getting “flight training”, dealing with Reavers, and singing a very familiar ballad. Here’s the video:


It’s gone viral since then, and even Fillion has seen it. His response:2_firefly_cast

@NathanFillion: This is a gem. I now love Poland. http://youtu.be/eRFgevTHBaU

Will this mean Captain Reynolds will soon visit the Browncoats of Poland, and ask where that Firefly replica is located? We’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, you can visit the fan club’s Facebook page.

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