CBS is set to take on NBC with its own Thursday sitcom line-up this fall, and a certain Slayer will be involved. Also, one of Buffy’s former boyfriends will soon be involved with a Killer Woman.

Crazy Ones picture

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s new sitcom The Crazy Ones will air on Thursdays at 9 PM. She’ll be an ad executive who works with her dad, played by none other than Robin Williams.  A look behind the scenes is below:

The net will start Thursdays again with The Big Bang Theory at 8, followed by Will Arnett’s new sitcom, The Millers. After Crazy Ones, Two and a Half Men will complete the comedy block, followed by Elementary. It will compete against NBC’s new sitcom, Sean Saves the World, which will be followed by Michael J. Fox’s return to the Peacock network. She’ll also face two returning shows, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and Fox’s Glee.

Meanwhile, the trailer for ABC’s new cop show Killer Women is now available. Based on a TV show from Argentina, it features Tricia Helfer as Molly Parker, the first female member of the famed Texas Rangers. The pilot involves a drug raid across the Mexican border. Marc Blucas, aka Riley Finn on Buffy, plays DEA agent (and sometime love interest) Dan Winston.

The show is expected to air sometime early next year.Jeffrey

and… more thing

Remember that “superhero” in the Agents of SHIELD trailer, and some people suspect he could be Luke Cage?

IGN has talked to Executive Producer Jeffrey Bell about this hero, played by J. August Richards. Bell says he is not Luke Cage, but we can call him “M” for now. He also said Coulson is back, and that is all he can say.


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