Wondercon was a great place to catch up with the cast of NBC’s hit show “Revolution”.   We talked to Billy Burke (Miles),  Elizabeth Mitchell (Rachel), Daniella Alonso (Nora), Tracy Spiridakos (Charlie), Tim Guinee (Ben Matheson), Zak Orth (Aaron),  David Lyons (Monroe) and writer David Rambo.  Due to the top secret nature of the storyline and blood oaths they all swore to keep, trying get details on the show was not particularly successful.   However, we managed to get in depth perspectives of the characters and upcoming twists in the relationships.  Good stuff.

Interviews are below.


David Rambo (writer)

Elizabeth Mitchell (Rachel)

Billy Burke (Miles)

Daniella Alonso (Nora)

Tim Guinee  (Ben Matheson)

Tracy Spiridakos (Charlie)

Zak Orth (Aaron) & David Lyons (Monroe)

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