Loose ends are being wound! FINALLY! Oh, sweet satisfaction! Also, shirtlessness. Yay!

Grimm - Season 2

So Grimm has FINALLY returned from what felt like the LOOOONGEST hiatus ever, and it felt SO good, didn’t it? If you read my midseason review, then you know that they more or less did all the things I wanted. So I am quite pleased right now. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for, but here’s the non-spoiler low-down.

Nick, as you can imagine, is pretty pissed off about his Captain stepping out with his lady, and yet only mildly worried about the quadruple homicide he committed which he now has to pretend to investigate. Rosalee is back! Squee! So Team Grimm is in full force! And we got to see lots of Prince Renard’s body. So there’s that.

Also, we at least got a mention of Nick’s mother which I’ve been waiting forever for. I’m hoping we’ll get to see her soon.

Now on to the fun- aka spoiler-filled- part.

First of all, Nick totally succeeded in maintaining his claim to being the WORST at hiding things. Seriously, Nick?! SERIOUSLY?! I know you’re shit at hiding things- rings, guns, bodies- but you left the key that could bring some kind of Wesen-pocalypse on your desk?! A key your Aunt died for and told you to guard with your life?! You left that key in plain sight? That is just not ok. Why are you not wearing that around your neck?

So at some point, it finally occurs to Nick that it might be a good idea to grab the key, and when he finds it missing from his desk he wonders aloud, “How did he know it was there?” Nick, I think the better question is: why the eff did you leave it on your desk? Aaaah! So STUPID! And speaking of things that Nick- to my continued confoundment- overlooks, you gotta love how Nick doesn’t mention to Monroe at any point that he might get called in as a suspect for the quadruple homicide. It’s not a big deal. Why would he mention that?

Also, did you see how Nick almost went over the edge and killed the Prince? That was awesome! Grim, indeed! And then he sends Hank off to find Adalind so he doesn’t come witness Nick killing the Prince. Not to mention he and Prince Renard’s fight scene later in the episode. Did you see the flip Nick did? We need more of that!

Grimm - S2E13

Prince Renard, on the other hand, is far more rational, but he sure gets around! And not using protection? That’s a little bit skanky, dear Prince. Especially since you know Adalind was with Hank and your brother and who knows who else the way that chick’s loyalties switch. Also, the Prince is working with the Alliance! Whaaaaaat?!

Anyway, was Monroe not delightful in this episode? Because I think he was! Oh, Monroe. Offering warm milk as a comfort. …I’m not the only one who thinks warm milk is nasty, right? I especially loved when Deputy Monroe, the one who frequently assists Nick with killing and hiding bodies, tells Nick killing the Prince is not worth throwing his life away. I get it, this kill would be different, blah, blah, blah. But it’s still kinda ironic.

So can we talk about Juliette’s love/fight scene? That was pretty strange. We never heard anything about the spell making them want to kill each other. That was an interesting development they pulled out of nowhere. But it was fun to watch, so I’m not complaining. Besides, I liked Juliette this episode since she got to do more than just cry, say “I don’t know,” and get mad at Nick for no good reason.

What have we learned?: Prince Renard is working with the Alliance. He’s also finally joined forces with Team Grimm. And Miss Hexenbiest is going to have the Prince’s baby. So that’s some crazy.

What’s going to happen?: The spell is finally going to be broken! And we’ll see in what state that leaves Juliette. As always, I want to see Nick’s mom return as a nemesis. Maybe since the Prince is now allied with Team Grimm, we’ll get to learn more about the Alliance. And as for Miss Hexenbiest, the question is whether her pregnancy is self-motivated, or if these were orders from her employer.

So what do you think? What will become of the alliance between the Prince and Team Grimm? Are you excited to see Rosalee back? Do you still think Juliette is as dumb as a peg? That comment section is calling!

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