Attention “Merlin” fans!  Wondered where your favorite show was last week?  Wonder no longer.  SyFy has announced a schedule change for the popular series.  Here’s the lowdown, directly according to reliable sources:

Beginning May 3, new episodes of MERLIN will air Fridays at 10 p.m.ET/PT, including “With All My Heart,” the episode originally scheduled to air this week.

As tens of millions of fans in more than 180 countries worldwide know, MERLIN is one of the most magical series on TV.  The five final episodes of MERLIN bring to an amazing close the story of the young warlock whose destiny is to protect the king and help lead the legendary Camelot to greatness.  The final two-part episode, “The Diamond of the Day,” will air Friday, May 24, and Friday, May 31.
Look for more reviews here at Whedonopolis as “Merlin” comes back in May and draws closer to its series finale.
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