The past 10 years or so have seen some great examples of geeks & nerds getting to live out their fantasy lives as adults.  Some examples include self-proclaimed Star Wars & zombie fan Simon Pegg, former Star Trek child star Wil Wheaton, and geeky cute gamer girl Felicia Day.  Mostly it’s all about never having to grow up and not being afraid to pursue what you love.  (Cue heartwarming music and animation as the words “The More You Know” shoot across the screen.)

Enter Paul and Storm, a musical comedy duo who got their start in the band Da Vinci’s Notebook (love them).  As they tell us on their website, “A lot of our music is kinda nerdy, much like we are kinda nerdy. This nerdy bent led us to found a variety show called w00tstock, along with Wil Wheaton and Adam Savage. We’ve also toured extensively with geek favorite Jonathan Coulton, and we co-produce an annual fan cruise with him called JoCo Cruise Crazy.”Now they’re co-stars on a brand new 10-episode musical web series called “Learning Town” (debuting today, Jan. 15, 2013) on Felicia Day’s “Geek & Sundry” YouTube Channel. From the preview clip (with the song “Sausage Party!”), “Learning Town” looks like it’s going to be a little like Avenue Q… only naughtier.  Paul and Storm are about to fulfill a childhood dream of appearing on their favorite children’s show, when the host suddenly dies.  (The death is announced in a very internet-meta way by Michael Buckley doing his “What the Buck?!” show within the show.)  Their disappointment is reflected in an equally disappointing musical tribute at a bar.  Facing time-slot replacement by a very hipster-ish children’s show, Storm receives a very tempting proposition from a shady Slugworth-type character– take over the show as hosts!  Paul doesn’t care for the idea, but the ending will leave you with a cliff-hanger of “will they, won’t they?” as “Slugworth” comes for their answer.  Of course, since it’s a 10-episode series, you know they probably will.For any fan of Paul and Storm, the Muppets, and beloved children’s shows, or even just general hilarity and certain pandemonium, “Learning Town” looks to be a lot of fun.  I love any show that presents an idea in musical format and does it well.  A lot could go wrong with a Meatloaf-style musical number featuring one of the duo in bad drag, but because it’s Paul and Storm, there is no way you won’t crack a smile.  A post-credits quote from the cute lady playing the “Learning Town” director sums up the show well:  “This is weird, right?”

Look for “Learning Town” on the Geek and Sundry YouTube Channel on Tuesday, January 15th! stuff!

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