Juliet Landau is Asking Fans to Join Her Support of The Sophie Lancaster Foundation

“I am horrified by what happened to Sophie Lancaster and Rob Maltby. It seems unfathomable to me that people can be this evil, hateful, ugly and violent. I’m moved beyond words by Sophie’s spirit and loving nature. She protected her boyfriend during the attack. Sophie’s mum, Sylvia is an inspiration. She founded this organization as a legacy to her daughter, with the aim of providing education about prejudice and intolerance by going into schools, youth groups and prisons. People’s creativity and individuality is a thing to celebrate and nurture not to destroy.”
Juliet Landau

This is the link to the EBAY auction which includes items Juliet signed in honor of what would have been Sophie’s birthday

Want to know what this is all about?

Kicked to Death for Looking Different
Weirdo  Mosher  Freak   ……. if only they stopped at name calling
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The Sophie Lancaster Foundation
Stamp Out Prejudice, Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere
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