Well, I was right. The last episode was a deep breath before we dove back into the grisly and the bad-assery. The episode starts off with a disembowelment and keeps pace from there.

At first I thought it might be a group of Grimm, but when they dragged the Löwen off instead of killing it I figured it was something else. But I definitely did not expect Wesen cage fighting. Nor the nicely gruesome touch that they fed the captured gladiator Wesen other dead Wesen. Ew! And having Nick jump into the cage was freaking awesome. And he did it to save his bestie, no less! (Don’t think just ’cause my shipping has come to fruition that the squeeing has subsided. It so hasn’t.)

I love how when Hank rushes in with back-up, Nick just casually tosses away the sword in his hand and wanders off like, “I wasn’t just cage fighting with the suspect, what are you talking about?”

This has definitely established Nick as a formidable bad-ass to the Wesen. He beat their champion and dissolved the operation in one fell swoop. And I was both right and wrong in one of my theories. Nick was faced with another Grimm/cop/friendship decision, but instead of being forced to choose one, he chose all three. He used both Grimm justice and cop justice while saving Monroe.

So we find out that Captain Reaper is freaking royalty! And he can have insubordinates in his canton sentenced to death. However, there’s still the question of the captain’s station? I’m guessing since he’s getting threats from higher-ups he’s probably not a king. So perhaps a prince? A duke?

And, finally, Juliette found the ring. Though, let’s face it, Nick didn’t hide it very well. It was just sitting on top in the drawer. He can hide an entire secret life, but he can’t hide a ring? What gives?

The only thing I didn’t like about the episode was having to play Spot the Product Placement for Apple. I mean seriously, I get it. Nick and Monroe both have iPhones and they use them to have best friendsie chats. I have no doubt since they made sure we knew it in almost every scene. Ugh! I’m surprised “iPhone” wasn’t listed in the credits, ’cause it definitely got the most close-ups of anyone in the episode. And this is the reaction of someone who just pre-ordered the new iPhone.

What have we learned?: Captain Renard is Reaper royalty, Nick is gonna have a lotta ‘splainin’ to do with Juliette, and Nick and Monroe are the best team of besties EVAR.

What’s going to happen?: Captain Reaper is keeping up his position as frienemy, but that’s probably a limited time offer. Something’s bound to happen soon that makes him have to go back into the enemy category. (I’m still on the lookout for Miss Hexenbiest, by the way.) Nick is gonna have to make up a story about how he and Monroe became friends, ’cause Hank is probably gonna start asking questions soon. And that confession to Juliette is definitely forthcoming.

What do you think? Did you love Nick jumping into the cage? Do you think the captain is a Reaper prince? Were you also pissed off by all the product placement? The comment section is lonely without you!

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