This is Comikaze Expo’s secound year in the Los Angeles Convention Center and boy have they grown.  Last year the aggressive marketing campaign by Regina Carpinelli (I saw here at every geek event, con and comic book store in town for months in advance) put Comikaze on everyone’s lips and computer screens.

Regina, along with her brothers Fabiano and Mario, turned a small fan-based con into a mini-version of the San Diego Comic Con with approximately 30,000 paying attendees. Panels, actors, autograph and photo sessions, cosplay, exhibitors and a child friendly atmosphere (children under 12 are FREE).  Room to walk, talk and enjoy without being overcrowded. And over 20,000 parking spaces within 2-block radius (we LA people need our parking).

It’ll be interesting to see how this year, with Stan Lee and Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark) as partners in this adventure, works out and if 2014 will see the Comikaze Expo moved into a larger section of the Convention Center.

Check out some of Eugene’s photos

As we did last year, Whedonopolis and Fanboy Comics will be attending and reporting on their adventures (and I will learn to smile when I get to be photographed with the likes of Jane Espenson).  Click through for information on getting tickets, panels and interesting after parties.



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