Showtime is finalizing a deal to put in development Guide To Divorce, a semi-autobiographical half-hour comedy from Marti, who will executive produce the project with columnist Vicki Iovine, author of The Girlfriends’ Guides series of books.  Click through for more info


Deadline Hollywood says the show sounds like Sex And The City 2.0.,  about the relief, the emotional minefield, the freedom, the familial complications and the sexual exploration that all come with divorce after a long-term relationship, told from the perspective of four women in their 40’s.

This fan is sooooo looking forward to this series, both as it’s coming from Marti and that we need a quality show for us over-40 gals.  We’re not dead, studios and networks, and we have money to spend!

Full article here Marti Noxon Developing Ensemble Female Deadline Hollywood

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