Anthony Head Oldie Composers 2012

Anthony Head has a single entered into a UK-wide songwriting competition and needs your votes by July 25! The Oldie Composers contest is open to the “older generation” to showcase their talent while raising money for UK-based children’s charity, Barnardo’s.

Tony has sung vocals on the ballad “Cry” by Marina Florance, and the song is one of the four finalists in the competition which will end July 25, 2012 6pm BST.

Votes are tallied by the number of single downloads from either UK-based Charity Goods, or from iTunes (yes, it will work in the US!). The iTunes price is only $.99. After fees, all proceeds from either site will be donated to Barnardo’s. Here’s the link to the competition and download buttons.

A 4-song EP of the finalists is also available, however those sales will not count toward the competition votes.


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