Just three months after its debut, Felicia Day’s Geek and Sundry channel on YouTube has become one of the biggest hits on the internet. It was also a big hit Saturday at Comic-Con, as it packed the Indigo Ballroom in the Hilton Bayfront. Felicia was there with producer Kim Evey, and some old friends to announce what will be coming soon.

From The Flog to Dark Horse Motion Comics to TableTop to episodes of The Guild, Geek and Sundry has created a big following on the internet. On Wednesday July 18, it will premiere a new show called Written by a Kid, where a young kid comes up with a story that gets enacted by some very familiar faces. The first story is “Scary Smash” where the leader of a SQUAT Team battles a one-eyed monster that kills milkmen.

Who portrays the leader of the SQUAT team? None other than Joss Whedon, who becomes the Big Damn Hero of our dreams. What’s more, it’s directed by Daniel Strange, who is with Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis. He said it was an interesting experience directing Joss, but admitted “It would have been sweet to me if he didn’t keep saying ‘Joss smash puny Dan.'”

Wil Wheaton talked about how his gaming show TableTop is having a big impact of a lot of people who watch the show. He says a lot of families are trying out the games featured in the show. He and Felicia also announced Target.com will promote some of the games featured in TableTop starting next month.

The Guild producer Kim Evey, who also helps run the channel, announced Dark Horse Motion Comics will debut some new titles. This fall brings On the Table, a news show on gaming. Then in January, The Frontiers of Geekage will look at science and tech. Felicia also announced there will be a monthly edition of Vaginal Fantasy, where they discuss romance books. A male counterpart called Penile Code, will look more at games. Paul and Storm’s “comedy musical” called Learning Town is also in the works. It’s about the duo trying to revive an educational show they watched when they were kids.

Oh, and The Guild will be back next year. Anyone who recalls the end of season five may know that Codex now has a job, and we’ll see how that affects her relationship with the rest of the Knights of Good.

Speaking of which, here they are…

Robin Thorton and Jeff Lewis

Robin Thorton and Jeff Lewis


Sandeep Parikh, Vince Caso and Amy Okuda

Sandeep Parikh, Vince Caso and Amy Okuda

Once The Guild cast started talking about the future, it was if they’d never been apart. Felicia says the script isn’t finished yet, but each character will get their own story.

The panel touched on a number of random subjects. Wil revealed how he was at his hotel Thursday morning and someone asked him if he was cosplaying as himself, wearing a Wesley Crusher bowling shirt. Jeff talked about his new baby. Will talked about how glad Stan Lee was to agree to a cameo in last season’s Guild, but didn’t remember Wil’s name. Felicia recalled how they made the first season on a shoestring budget and bagels. It’s been five years, in fact, since the first episode was produced, which is an eternity on the internet. Sandeep says it was all due to having a good vision and a good script. Felicia admits she can’t wait to work with her Knights of Good again.

She also said that she’d like Geek and Sundry to be always evolving and adding new shows about new interests. Wil has been suggesting a show about home beer brewing, and spent a lot of time pushing the idea. Still, he was an example of what Felicia said the channel is about–something that celebrates things that aren’t usually celebrated.

The panel went on to talk about their favorite geeky moments. Sandeep recalled how he talked to George R.R. Martin, and noticed he was all alone and didn’t notice the long line that was waiting to see Martin. Daniel Strange admits to being a big Doctor Who fan and Jeff was excited to see Nathan Fillion. The crowd, meanwhile, was excited to see the Guild again.

Learn more about Geek and Sundry through its website and YouTube channel.

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