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This episode was the series finale and concludes the story of Mary Shannon, U. S. Marshall. The two part episode before the finale resolves the issue of her long lost (read: run away) father and promises to put some things in perspective for Mary.  Both episodes were excellent.  I wish I could say the same for the finale.

The final episode tries to do too much and ends up doing very little in the emotional journey of character.  Mary is not one for change so that’s not completely surprising but the steps they tried to make for the character rang false or too pat.  Mary complains through the whole episode that the family should not have a funeral for their father yet when she does figure out the perfect thing to do with his remains she does it alone.  That felt very selfish and made her unlikeable.  I think the writers were going for cathartic.

The Mary and Marshall relationship has gone through many changes but the big build up in the finale is that Marshall is going to finally tell Mary his feelings for her.  All that build up to say he’s her best friend and needs her to let him be husband to his fiancé rang false.  If that’s all he needed to say then the build up was unnecessary.   I saw the writers again trying to build up to something dramatic and then backing away.   The entire ending was too pat and clean.  In Plain Sight as a whole was a really good series that I would recommend to anyone I just wish it ended on a more satisfactory note.

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