The Flog has Felicia doing various things, such as doing some blacksmithing. She says she got the idea because in Skyrim, her character makes armor. In this episode she makes a fireplace poker and really enjoys doing it. She also talks about her favorite new games and websites, and answers a fan question in an old-fashioned way.

The first TableTop show features Wil playing the Small World game. It not only explains how the game works, it shows how fun it is to play. Wheaton has said the show will make board games popular the way being on TV boosted poker’s popularity. There are even interviews with the players explaining their strategies in the game, and how they did or didn’t work.

What may really interest people is Dark Horse’s Motion Comics. The first title is The Secret, a cautionary tale about making prank calls. Some high school students call random numbers and say “I know your secret”. However, they wind up calling the wrong guy, and it soon becomes a dark coming-of-age story where a boy tries to find his missing girlfriend. The animation is actually pretty good, and really brings the comic to life while preserving the original art.

The Geek & Sundry channel will also include all episodes of The Guild, with the first four seasons coming this week and seasonfive on April 10th. All episodes will be annotated with interesting trivia and there will be full-length movie versions of each season too. It’s great for both newbies and those who have watched the show from the beginning. The gang presented a new video on Monday morning called “I’m the One That’s Cool.“ It has a nice grunge pop feel to it. Here’s a look…


There will also be never-before-seen bonus features every Thursday.

Sword and Laser, which will feature fantasy books, starts on April 13th. Later this year, the channel will feature Written by a Kid, where kids make up their own action-packed stories, and Learning Town with Paul and Storm trying to recreate their favorite kid’s show.

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