The final three episodes of Husbands, the web series looks on how Brady and Cheeks decide to buy a dog, or rather, Cheeks and Haley do. They choose a Jack Russell mix while Brady prefers a bigger dog. “Dog size is not a measurement of your manhood, Brady”, Haley says.

It’s more than that to Brady. He wants to be the “patriarch” of the couple, which Cheeks isn’t sure about. “In gay years, I’m older than you,” he says, saying he’s been “out” longer than Brady. At this point, Haley is smart to leave them alone, to work it out

Fortunately, they do just that, and the final episode ends with both guys sharing an intimate kiss, and saying, “I love you.” Looks like there’s hope for this loving couple.

There’s just one thing Brady wants to ask Cheeks…what’s his real name?

That was a perfect ending to this web sitcom that takes a look at being newlyweds from a new angle. Sean Hemeon, Brad Bell and Alessandra Torresani were great in this series, and don’t forget the cameo by Nathan Fillion. Jane Espenson, who created and wrote the series with Bell, hopes that there will be a second season to see how Brady and Cheeks become more of each other’s lives, such as Cheeks being with the other baseball wives and Brady seeing Cheeks’ caberet act.

All eleven episodes are still available at and YouTube under “GoCheeksGo”

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