When I watch TV shows and movies I look around for product placement.  Must be a residual from being a child of the ‘60s where every kids TV show had a toy that went with it.  I learned from a very early age that the toys didn’t do what the commercial showed them doing so after a few I MUST HAVE purchases my mom didn’t have to worry about me sending her to the poorhouse. I looked at each commercial during the Saturday morning cartoon hours with a “yeah, sure” attitude.

However now I am walking around with a Pan Am flight bag (the only swag I wanted from San Diego Comic Con), wear a Buffy watch by Fossil and have an Illyria bust on my car dash where others would place a Jesus or St Christopher statue.

So when Felicia produced a series of parody ads in December 2009 The Guild Sells Out! Our Holiday Gift to You! to spoof product placement it was just a goof off (I still want the Vork bank).  Now, with web-series having the potential to reach directly to the viewers/fans in a smart way, could Felicia’s version of product placement be the wave of the future?

On that note, please read Liz Shannon Miller’s article on how Felicia is partnering with companies to produce fun items.

And I still really, really, really want the Vork bank.

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