Ringer is an interesting try for the girl who used to fearlessly clobber monsters on TV nearly 15(!) years ago.  As with most pilots, it was filled with twists and turns to get the audience interested in what may come next.  Gellar was great as Bridget, the poor twin that the FBI is looking for to put a gangster behind bars.  As Siobhan, she was a girl who pretended to be the forgiving sister welcoming back the prodigal, but you could tell it was an act.  This reunion was done to serve a purpose.  Even when Siobhan “disappeared”, and all Bridget did was look at a bottle of pills (filled with wedding rings?), there was some doubt Siobhan really killed herself.  Then again, it’s probably from watching too many episodes of Murder She Wrote…and the fact that I saw the trailer for this show on the WPIX website three months ago, and it included the final scene from the pilot.  Aside from that, I was hoping what else would Bridget have to face while pretending to be Siobhan?  One clue: a stork is coming.
Bridget is in trouble, too.  It looks like she may die for her sister’s sins, rather than her own.  How will she get through this and fool her not-so-swift husband, boyfriend, best friend and just about everyone else?
I liked Ioan Griffudd as Andrew, who has his own hands filled with a daughter kicked out of boarding school and who knows what else.  What bugged me is that Nestor Carbonell as FBI Agent Machado was so easily duped.  He had just left Bridget at a motel as she awaited the trial of a gangster.  Yet when he sees her again, in better clothes and in a nice apartment a few days later, he just decides she’s Siobhan. Sheesh!  Seeley Booth could have figured it out sooner.
I was also bugged by the pilot having a couple of long scenes with just music in the background, hinting the twins were starting to forgive.  I also wondered why the “25 or 6 to 4” music was playing while Bridget explained to her sponsor/boyfriend why she ran.
So, aside from the “twintrigue” (a word that’s bound to make its way to the Oxford Dictionary), there’s a lot of things that the family and friends have to deal with. However, this cannot last forever.  Eventually, like maybe at the first season finale, Siobhan will be exposed, Andrew and his friends will find out Siobhan had a twin who must have done something bad and we’ll have even more complications that will really move the show forward.  Besides, does Siobhan really think she’ll be invisible in Paris, since her husband has friends in London who would know her?  I think not.  Even better, let’s have Siobhan mistaken for Bridget for a while.  Then SHE can be punished for the awful things Bridget has done.
The first week, Ringer got more than two point seven million viewers, but that’s before the competition will start, from New Girl to Dancing With the Stars.  If The CW is behind this, it should consider moving it to Wednesday or Thursday. Ringer is the network’s chance to prove it’s ready for adult dramas, not just shows about teen vampires, mean girl witches and Tyra Banks.
You can see trailers for Ringer here and here. Ringer airs Tuesdays at 9 PM on The CW.
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