As we inch closer and closer to the end of “Torchwood: Miracle Day,” it’s becoming more and more apparent that the show is either losing steam or deliberately biding its time before a big finish. We’ve had explosions, flashbacks, betrayals, kidnappings and all-too-brutal murders. And somehow, despite all of this, there still seems to be quite a way to go with the actual investigation of the Miracle, discovering who is behind it, and finding a way to reverse it.
This week, we do get a good bit of more information about who the Triangle people are, and the more astute of viewers can make the connection between them and Jack’s flashback from last week…even if nobody else in the show seems to be making any sort of connection there.  Now, when I say more information, I mean a few names and some cryptic allusions to the greater conspiracy. By the end, we have inched a bit closer to discovering the people behind the Miracle, but still have nothing utterly concrete.
With only two episodes left to go, this episode left me somewhat fearful of the mad dash to the finish line this show is ultimately going to have to make. I feel as though the writers and producers were having so much fun dealing with the hypotheticals of the Miracle – and I don’t blame them, they are very interesting to explore – that the actual story progression has suffered, and now they are forced to make up for lost time. I hope that I’m wrong, and that they’re able to pull off a good ending without it feeling forced or rushed.


As a little aside, “Star Trek” fans will be pleased to see Nana Visitor in this episode, I’m sure – she showed up at the very end of last week’s episode, so she has a pretty big role this week. But there is another Trek alum who makes an appearance in this episode as well. Unless you’ve been paying attention to the many casting announcements that were made several months ago, I won’t spoil the surprise of seeing this person’s name in the opening credits. 

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