The series started last April with a one-shot issue that introduced the characters in this drama, some familiar and some new ones. It takes place well before the “Epitaph” episodes that ended both seasons of Dollhouse. The first issue of the five-part series was released a few days before, but fans quickly picked it up in San Diego. Others were lucky to get a limited-edition issue featuring Echo on the cover and a select few got an autographed copy.

The first official issue starts with a bit of irony: dozens of telemarketers answering the phone and getting their minds wiped when they do. Meanwhile Trevor, the young boy who saw his uncle call himself Ivy before he gets killed, travels with Alpha in an effort to infiltrate the Rossum Corporation, which is behind the whole thing. Trevor is taught how to imprint himself and is told not to take on too many imprints because his brain may not handle it. They are later joined by a man and woman who both call themselves Ivy. Seems Ivy imprinted herself everywhere in an effort to stop Rossum.

But what about Echo, the only Active who is able to overcome the imprints? Alpha says she has been busy and is now trying to infiltrate the Daniel Perrin administration, controlled by Rossum. We soon learn that they have a way to take over more minds even faster.

The story is compelling and should appeal to both those who watched the Fox TV show and those who did not. It’s a good idea to get the one-shot introduction before getting the first issue. Andrew Chambliss, Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon (who write the final Dollhouse episode “Epitaphs Two”) wrote the mini-series. Phil Noto’s cover shows in a nutshell who is fighting Rossum and how the company is taking over the world. The variant cover by Fiona Staples is wonderful, as it shows how one girl is fighting for freedom the same way Rossum is taking it away. Dark Horse will release the next four episodes once a month. One of the covers for issue 2, coming in August, features Mag who we saw briefly in the one-shot issue.

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