Chinese Pirate Productions put this show together, and had attracted big crowds for more than a week.  Even Zack Whedon who co-wrote the show decided to see the show. His brief review on Twitter: "If you are a dr horrible fan the live production is AMAZING. 10th Ave Theater. It runs through the 30th. Go!"

The producers did a wise thing and re-tooled the story to make it a Broadway production.  All of the familiar scenes are there, but there are also dancing homeless people and Captain Hammer groupies.  Even his henchman Moist is more involved, as Dr. H spies on Penny’s date with the Captain.  In "My Eyes" we see Penny and Dr. H sing on opposite sides of the stage, while the homeless are dancing and Captain Hammer tries to get out of the way.  We even have a PSA from the Captain about how we should be vigilant, especially towards science geeks.  The climax where Dr. Horrible finally becomes the super-villian he’s wanted to be, including membership to the Evil League of Evil, is chilling, especially when he dons his new uniform.

Nathan Turner is great as Dr. Horrible.  He’s evil but he is sincere about wanting to save the world by ruling it.  I also liked Michael Minto as Captain Hammer.  He comes across as a Big Man on Campus, but you start to root against him when he confronts Dr. H about his relationship with Penny.  Jane Lui is also wonderful as the love of Dr. Horrible’s life.  Her voice did remind me of Felicia Day’s portrayal while her performance really expresses Penny’s desire to help the less fortunate.

The production will run one more weekend, and there’s more information at I Want To Sing Along

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