Joss’ talks always has some interesting comments about the shows he’s made over the years. One fan asked why he tried to pair off  former Watcher Wesley with evil lawyer Lilah on Angel. “When you get people who can’t stand each other in bed together,” he explained, “fun ensues. Buffy and Spike also proved that.
He also revealed that eventually characters from Angel’s world would come to Buffy’s world, including Connor and Illyria. While he has two comics titles for Dark Horse (Buffy, and Angel and Faith), he wishes there could be more. “If I had the time,” he said, “there would be five other people who would have their own books.” He will include one-shot stories and mini-series later on. “I’m sort of deeply in love with all of these characters,” he continued. “There are a few that I’d like to see highlighted. Some of them are dead, but how often has that stopped me?”

He was also asked if he regretted introducing or killing off any characters. He said he doesn’t. “Every character that we had we got to milk for some really interesting stories,” he said. “When people really didn’t like them, we either found a way to make them like them or play that up as part of their persona.” As he put it, “I’m not big with regret. It’s not on my schedule.”

Some even wondered if Buffy could be on Broadway. he said she would, next to the Dr. Horrible musical. He also assured fans there will be more Dr. Horrible comics, and more on the story for Serenity, maybe beyond the end of the movie. He also plans more issues of Dollhouse, after the current mini-series set just after Rossum takes over the minds of most of the human race.
People are waiting to see how season nine of Buffy plays out, and whether, as one fan asked, if their hearts will be broken again. “Look, you all know I want you to suffer,” he said, and he admitted the new series will be very edgy, as Willow goes on a new journey, and Buffy tries to decide where she goes next after season eight ended.

He was also asked if he would do a story for Dawn which would make her a stronger character. Joss said Dawn is not weak, but is actually Buffy’s support system for now. Still, Dawn may try to move on with her life, which will worry Buffy because it’s not so easy for her. “Dawn for me is a touchstone f the non-extra-ordinary. That’s why she and Xander are together,” he said, “because they feel more like me..dull, whiny.”

The discussion did get around to he Avengers, still in production, when he talked about handling actors. he admitted the job isn’t as tough as he thought. “What I find is that these characters mesh through their differences really well,” he said. “What I also find is hat these actors are having a great time playing against each other. They are, as a troupe, actually a much better team than the Avengers are.”

Joss also admitted he would like to create a gay male hero in the future. “At some point, you write enough lesbians,” he said, “people realize ‘this is just a guy. This isn’t feminist. This is Cinemax.'” He is happy that the gay community has embraced his shows for their message of acceptance.

It’s no wonder why Joss Whedon’s panel is one of the major highlights of Comic-Con,

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