I wanted to get in to see the Game of Thrones Panel and all the panels after that. Had I not known any better, I would have gotten into the Game of Thrones line. This would have been a mistake. It was 9:30am and Game of Thrones was at 3pm. Meaning the line for Game of Thrones wouldn’t be let in till just before 3pm. and the room isn’t cleared out between panels. What this means is, all the people who got into Ballroom 20 before 3pm. who also were there to see Game of Thrones were in seats in front of those in the Game of Thrones line. What this also means is if you’re not in the front of the Game of Thrones line, you may not make it in at all. I made it into the first panel which started at 10am. and stayed until the last panel (for Dexter) at 5:30pm. I was able to do this a) because I brought snacks and a bottle of ice water and b) because I didn’t need to use the bathroom till everything was done. Don’t let my bladder of steel scare you though. There are bathroom passes during every panel. As long as you come back before the panel you leave during is over, you’ll be able to get back in. 

I have never had such an awesome time sitting in one room all day. I did move closer to the front between panels and chat with people sitting next to me, though. And I saw the cast of Game of Thrones and George R. R. Martin, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Matt Smith, Joe Manganiello and Deborah Ann Woll of True Blood, and Michael C. Hall. I also learned that, despite how he looks on TV (in my opinion, unimpressive), Zachary Levi is hot. And despite how much sitting I did, I was SO tired after it was over. I had planned to find somewhere to go for dinner, but when I walked out and happened to see the shuttle for my hotel right in front of me, I got on, got back to my hotel, and went right to sleep. 

Today, (though it’s not even over) has been different. Though it started much the same way, (getting up and out as early as possible and standing in line for Ballroom 20), after the Torchwood panel, I grabbed a bathroom pass, gave it to someone standing in line (who probably wouldn’t get in otherwise) and went to explore the Exhibit Hall. 

It. Is. HUGE! 

I mean, I’ve seen the map, and I’d walked the length of the outside, but… well, like the TARDIS it seems bigger on the inside. Mostly because of all the stuff going on. There are so many booths, all of them crowded, especially the ones with signings happening at them. There are shirts and games and books and merch and, of course, comics. The only thing I thought was ridiculous was at the BBC America booth where they were selling a “bobble-head TARDIS.” Just as you would imagine, it’s a TARDIS that wobbles. But maybe, if I didn’t have my super-cool ceramic TARDIS mug, I would think it was awesome, too. …Probably not though.

Then I figured it was finally time to explore outside. A whole block is closed to vehicles, there are people handing out flyers everywhere, and most of the restaurants have signs saying they welcome Comic-Con so that you know they’re giving some kind of discount. 

Right now I’m going to nap and re-energize for round two of exploration. I also plan to find my way for tomorrow. The Indigo Room, where I plan to stay all day tomorrow, isn’t in the convention center and neither is the Nerdist Podcast with guests Matt Smith and Karen Gillan (are you starting to see who my favorites are?).
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