Here she is with cinematographer Deverill Weekes



Whedonopolis: How come you’re here in SF?

Juliet: I’ve been shooting a music video. I’m working with a director named David Jude, and it’s for David J, who was the bassist for LOVE AND ROCKETS and BAUHAUS.


Whedonpolis: How is it different than your previous music video with Godhead?

Juliet:  It is very movement-based, as was HERO, which I co-directed with Deverill Weekes, but the themes and the look is vastly different. It’s vibrant. We are working with large swaths of red silk. Sarah Elgart has choreographed it. HERO was shot on the Red Camera in black and white, like a 1930’s silent movie.? This is being shot on the Canon 5D and 7D. The video, by the way, should debut in November in time for David J’s new album.


Whedonopolis: You have been very busy with a photo shoot for Geek magazine. How is it different from being an actress?

Juliet:  It’s funny because I used to think of photo shoots very differently, but recently I’ve been doing lots of shoots as different characters in varied looks. I’ve found that the more inside the skin of a character I am, the better the still. I work very closely with the photographers on creating the images, which is always exciting.?


Whedonopolis: Which of the characters that you’ve portrayed in the photo shoots are the least similar and most similar to you?

Juliet;:There’s probably a little bit of me in each of them. We all have many facets.


Juliet said that she had heard of Dark Horse taking back the Angel franchise from IDW in late 2011 and while Landau didn’t have any opinion about the move, she is positive about DH bringing in Angel’s world. “I know that Dark Horse has been doing a beautiful job with the Buffy comics.” ?


Whedonopolis: Have you been approached by Dark Horse to bring back Drusilla?

Juliet:  It’s really all up to Joss. DH been talking to me a little bit, so we’ll see… At this point it’s in its infancy as a concept. Working with Joss again in any realm, would be a dream. Also Scott Allie and Georges Jenty are super-talented.?


The DVD of her Take Flight documentary about Gary Oldman filming a music video with cell phone cameras will be available soon. It will be a dual-disc set which includes the film as well as the promo campaign interviews with the likes of Amy Acker, Armin Shimerman., Christian Kane, Michael Rosenbaum, Kat Von D etc.


Whedonopolis: So, are you satisfied with how the Take Flight documentary came out?

Juliet:  I had a blast doing it. It was truly a labor of love. I’m happy with the film, and most importantly Gary (Oldman) loves the movie. Since he’s the subject, that’s quite an honor. The interviews were really, really incredible to do as well.


Whedonopolis: How about the response from fans?

Juliet: The response has been phenomenal and the pay per view streaming traffic has far exceeded my expectations. It’s been overwhelming. We also got incredible reviews across the board.


Whedonopolis: You’ve been most known as Drusilla on Buffy and Angel, and now you have been writing comics and directing short films. Did you ever expect your career to make such interesting turns?

Juliet:?I was a dancer first, and then an actress, and now along with acting, I’ve been directing, writing, producing, singing and being creative in all different avenues. It’s been wonderful. I love the unexpected turns one’s life takes in this business. I could be sitting here speaking with you today, and then unexpectedly off, to say… Russia, to film a role with the ring of a phone. I love the adventure of that.

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