The series is based on a novel by John Stith, which features a private eye named Nick Naught who could have come right out of those noir movies of the 40’s. Thing is, he lives in the year 2030, where artificial intelligence chips are everywhere, and they don’t always work when he uses them. That’s why his answering machine plays jokes on him, an elevator takes him for a ride if you push the wrong buttons, and his car is a little too obsessed with him.

There are also familiar characters in this futuristic noir series, such as the cop that hates private eyes and another cop who does help Nick, Nick’s former partner, and an investigative reporter.

Browder plays Nick, while Landau plays Precious, the AI chip in his car that serves his every need. Other cast members include Chase Masterson (Star Trek: Deep Space 9) as the CEO of the company that made the AI chips, Samm Levin and Phil LaMarr (Mad TV).

While the premiere date is still pending, there is a website at It includes links to the cast, a chance to get e-mail updates, and a link to the book, All for Naught, upon which the show is based. There’s also links to a Twitter feed and a Facebook page.


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