They deal with a rival group of games called the Axis of Anarchy, the dark side of the KoG. The A of A successfully harasses one member, and convinces another to join them. Vork, the leader, quits to go on a quest, leaving the post to Codex, the reluctant heroine. Zaboo and Riley the Stupid Tall Hot Girl take their relationship to scary levels. In fact, Riley (Michele Boyd) is more frightening than Zaboo’s mom (and people who saw season one might agree). Clara’s marriage is in big trouble because of her video game obsession, and she lets her husband join in. It all culminates in a showdown between the A of A and KoG, and a shocking ending that some people dared not to predict.

It’s kind of Lord of the Rings for gamers, but it’s another winning season for creator and writer Felicia Day, and her fellow Guildies (Robin Thorsen, Jeff Lewis, Vincent Caso, Amy Okuda and Sandeep Parikh). The show also pulled off a big coup by getting Wil Wheaton as Fawkes, the leader of the A of A.

The DVD has all 12 episodes, including commentary from the cast and crew. The cast, by the way are very funny, too. Their comments about how Riley carries Zaboo over the threshhold in episode 2, or Vork’s triple take after Codex chews him out, are especially funny. They even ask why cartoon Vork doesn’t cut his hand when he tosses his sword in the opening credits.

There’s also the famous “Do You Want to Date My Avatar” video (which has received nearly eight million hits on YouTube since August), some behind the scenes video, gag reels, and the special Halloween video. Also, there’s several videos from people who hope to join the KoG, even if it’s only part of the story line. Remember the guy with white hair and beard who just stood there and smiled? He talks now, and sounds like a grizzled old prospector.

We also get up close to the Axis of Anarchy, and get some good insight from Wheaton and the other actors who make up the group. There’s also good tips on making Vork’s sword, and web video in general.

After I saw the DVD, I went back to the DVD from the first season. Back then, The Guild was a smart sitcom that was made on half a shoestring, but proved the internet can be just as entertaining as regular TV. It’s also hard to believe the first season was just two years ago. Look at the latest episodes, and you’ll see the show has come a long way.

Fans are now waiting for a three-issue comic mini-series which starts next month, and hoping for a fourth season. Considering how this past season ended, it should be a foregone conclusion. That’s why fans should buy more copies of this season, and get their friends to do that same.

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