According to The Hollywood Reporter the 8 episodes of the second season has already begun in the U.K. BBC America will air the second season early 2010. I am impatiently waiting and watching for the return as this is one of my top favorite shows.

The Hollywood Reporter also reports the SyFy channel has landed the rights to create an American version of Being Human with 13 episodes for fall 2010. I am having a hard time comprehending how Syfy will come close to matching the U.K. version. The original actors are for me, what makes the show. Russell Tovey, werewolf, really led the panel at Comic Con and that same personality is what makes the show what it is. Lenora Crichlow, plays a heartbroken ghost with such sweetness and sadness. Aiden Turner, portrays a vampire with a heart that matches his thirst. These actors make the characters more than just human.

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