First question asked Alan what he prefers, stage or screen, he said the stage was his first love, it is harder but he is most comfortable. He is asked how he feels about his character dying in the movie “Serenity”, he thought it was a good idea and that he understands.


A fan asks about his experience in the “Knights Tale”. He said that it was filmed in the city of Prague, Czechoslovakia and that he was away from home for 5 months. He was asked to arrive two weeks early to learn to do a sword fight scene. They learned it quickly then had the rest of the two weeks to kill so they drank the whole time. He then took out his cell phone to read an incoming text that was from Nathan.


A question about “V”, Alan is asked if he will ever be returning, he answered that he doesn’t know but that it is of course possible. He is then asked when he realized that “Firefly” would have such a large following. He said that he didn’t go to conventions at first, that he didn’t understand what they were all about. Nathan convinced him to go to one in England and that is when he got it and understood the attraction and fan following. A fan asked if Alan was able to keep “Wash’s” dinosaurs, he explained that no, he did not, but met up with a set worker who admitted that he had kept them. After seeing the look on Alan’s face, the guy gave Alan the dinosaur and it is now on his mantle. Alan is then interrupted by a phone call from Nathan asking what he is doing. Alan explains to Nathan that he has Alan’s schedule and that Nathan knows exactly what is going on. Nathan also asks if Alan has seen a missing “Bean Dip” from his refrigerator! The call ends and the fans continue with their questions.


Alan is asked about his role in CSI where he plays a pedophile. He said it was hard to do, very creepy, explaining the scene. A question was asked about what would happen if there was a second season of “Firefly”, if his character would have died. He thinks he would have died in the third season but jokingly said that he suggested that Nathan’s character should die first. In an answer about what roles he preferred, Alan admitted he likes comedy.


Alan’s time was running out and the questions were cut short because of the trivia questions he was asking the crowd. The fans enjoyed this back and forth with him and now he took time to auction off Nathan’s famous “Bean Dip”. Alan started off the bidding at $10 adding quite a few extra souvenir items and it continued on from there. The final bid was $375, the money going to Nathan’s charity “Kids Need To Read”.


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