The first fan asked what they were now working on. They answered that they were writing a script with a couple of friends about a high school comedy. They were working feverishly to complete it and get it into production. It is something they said they were most proud of and that the scenes they had written were still causing them to laugh their pants off. They wrote it with two friends from high school and all the characters are based loosely on themselves. Yan is working on an episode of “NCIS” and commented on meeting Robert Wagner, saying it was awesome. He is also working on a new show for Nickelodeon called “Victorious” about a high school for the arts. Rafael has done an episode of “Without a Trace”. He also did a couple of pilots for the web called “We Are Not Together”, he said the director, Mark Hansen is a huge Firefly fan, which made it fun. During one shoot he looked up and noticed a Serenity ship hanging from the ceiling but doesn’t know if it got into the shot. He is also working on another script and a book with his wife, Consuela. They then mentioned the Castle episode “Vampire Weekend” in which  Rick Castle dressed as a space cowboy in his Firefly costume.

Next fan asked if they ever audition for the same roles. They said that it happens often but are trying not to do it too often now. They said that some directors do use them both and rotate them. Fortunately they don’t compete too much and sometimes roles are rewritten for the two of them.

They were next asked about a show they had done years ago called “PSI Factor”. They jokingly asked how the fan knew about it and that it was their first TV gig. The fan also asked about their audition for “Serenity” which they replied that it was awesome. The role called for them to have British accents so to learn the right accent they played a video game called “Get Away”. They said they lied about where they were from and then confessed that they were from Ireland. They ended up trying 12 different accents in the audition. Working on “Serenity” was great but intimidating because they had seen all the episodes of Firefly. They joked that certain members of the cast were a little standoffish but in not saying who but that it “was a leaf on the wind”. They said that their scene was written by Joss while he drove into work on the freeway and then joked that they hopefully weren’t on the same freeway. Also, they were reminiscing about a scene that was cut out where they had been beaten up by the operatives. They were covered in makeup with black eyes and blood and were outside  pretending to fight just a tour bus went by and it freaked out the tourists. It seems that they also used to slip away with Nathan to Universal Studios and hop on the rides in costume.

The next fan asked them advice for getting into acting, they joked back “get knee pads”. They said that their uncle had given them advice to follow their dream, find their calling. They were told to get an education and to find what they love and do it. If you chase it, you won’t enjoy it, you got to love it.

They were asked about the show “Chuck” and they commented that they would love to be on the show. They started to watch it because Adam Baldwin was on it and really enjoy it. It was now announced that their time was up and they thanked the crowd.

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