We are deeply grateful for all of the sponsors who helped support the event. Special recognition goes to Sideshow Collectibles for providing gift cards for each of the 450+ goodie bags; Golden Apple Comics for providing Buffy Comic Book certificates for each of the goodie bags plus assorted raffle prizes and; Creation Entertainment for providing a pair of Weekend Gold Passes for the upcoming Firefly/Serenity Convention in Los Angeles. We also want to recognize New Video for providing the Dr Horrible DVD’s (one signed by Joss!). Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing, The Write Environment, UPrinting.com, Camden Toy, Amber Benson, Anchor Bay, PowersandPowers.com (Realtors), Matt Stevens/Laserwork Artist and the Cast of The Guild.

Please support the businesses that support our community.

A big thank you to our guests who got to see and hear your reactions to a project they put a lot of heart and sweat into: Alethea Root, Brian Kameoka, David Burns, Greg Benson, Kim Evey, Michael Canaan, Michele Boyd, Rob Reinis, Sandeep Parikh, Steve Berg, Vince Caso and the person who first made it possible for Fandom Charities to get this yearly event off the ground back in 2008, Felicia Day.

Lastly, we are deeply indebted to the numerous volunteers who gave freely of their time and energy to make this possible. They worked so that Jossverse fans could enjoy a night of revelry while supporting a charity that is dear to the heart of Nathan Fillion. Their high spirits and drive made this event not only possible but a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Thank you all very much and we look forward to seeing you at the next event.

FYI: Kids Need To Read is an organization created to develop and inspire a lifelong love of reading in all children, by providing much needed books to schools, libraries, health clinics and shelters in need. Whether it’s supplying free comics or Highlights Magazines to homeless children, or giving the first books to a charter school with no library, Kids Need To Read remains focused on one goal – getting kids to pick up something to read and never wanting to stop. Learn more at www.kidsneedtoread.org

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