That may be the biggest complaint thus far, on a fair Friday. That and the fact that Ballroom 20 is completely turned around, and still with the bad sound and complete lack of air conditioning. Exhibit Hall was crowded to the rafters, and around the WB booth the crush was elbow to cheekbone. Many costumes, now seen in groups, include an unexplainable surplus of Poison Ivys.  
In addition to the draconian red shirts, there were now orange shirts and green shirts to contend with, added layers of security designed to wean out the troublemakers and terrorists. While the crowds were well-behaved, they were particularly noisy in the free hugs department.  
In the press rooms, the Dollhouse/Joss Whedon panel was crowded with media press and a high count of Whedonopolis jersies. Look for Joss caught on Whedonopolis tape, coming soon to a YouTube near you.
In Exhibit Hall C there was the battle of the giveaways: Warner Brothers bags completing with Star Trek tribbles from Paramount Studios.  In addition, there are other bags of all sizes and materials from every company with a comic, movie, game and televsion season to shill.  Which meant that there is someplace to go when you get turned away from Ballroom 20 and Hall H if you had not been in line before sunrise. 

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