The story is abut Eve, a soulless assasin who gets stabbed in the brain during a job, and is haunted by the last victim, a girl named Marie. Suffering through pain and guilt, she is driven to turn against her old bosses in the Downes crime family. She gets help from a mobbed up doc (Jones) who is also a drug adddict, and a nosy neighbor and former call girl (Lawless). Eve also squares off against the Downes siblings, Regina and Cameron, who hope to take over their father’s crime family.  Eve’s friend, Graham Prescott (Brian Poth) is also looking for a way out, and hopes to take Eve with him.

As Brubaker explained in his interview with Whedonopolis, the story is structured just like a comic-book series. He even says that web series could be more popular as they get better. The episodes run from seven to eleven minutes.

The final episode opens the way the first one does, with Eve taking out some bad guys, and squaring off with would-be assassin Franklin. However, this time, we find out that Cameron Downes is there, hoping to be the top kingpin over his sister. Eve is determined to survive for the sake of friends who died in the crossfire. She even tells Franklin to leave the scene, although he’s worried he’ll be marked for death anyway. Cameron shoots Franklin,and pins down Eve. He cuts her face several times, and says he’ll get away scot-free by claiming self-defense. However, she gets the drop on him by strangling him with a plastic tie, and then faints.

I won’t reveal what happens next, but Eve is given the opportunity for a fresh start. How she gets it will be very surprising.

Bell is excellent as the assassin who slowly develops a heart of gold, especially when she sees how her war is affecting people she knows…and how their presence stays with her even after death. Lawless is also great as Vera, the nosy neghbor, while Jones is great as Dr. Raskin. Jake Abel is very impressive as Cameron, who has a very mean streak. Vail Bloom, as his sister, Regina, makes a good noir figure.

The series is set for DVD release in the near future. All ten episodes are available now on

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