Baldwin has a method in his portrayal of the undercover agent who also has to work at BuyMore, the place where Chuck works. “The trick for Casey is always been deliver him in a serious way, ” he says. “Some of the stuff that you have to do and say is ridiculous, because it’s a comedy. It’s supposed to be this serous, deadly guy, and he’s in pretty much every episode getting konked on the head and tied up, as a running gag. Then Chuck saves Casey then  Casey and Sarah save  Chuck again. The end. He’s just a grumpy guy. It’s fun for me, because I’m not grumpy in real life.”

Baldwin also revealed he was asked to attend his 30th HS reunion. But he’s following the advice of friend and comic Tom Dressen, who said “Don’t go to HS reunions. There are old people there who say they know you.”

So far, no word on season three. But the final episodes are supposed to be a game changer. Adam vows “we will rise again either way.” They do think with all the devotion NBC has towards the show, it looks good. “Business is changing a lot, though. I think that advertising dollars, the economy the way it is, it’s hard to gauge where any show is going at any point,” he says. ” It’s above our pay grade. We want to know, but in the meantime, keep marching forward.” In the final episodes of this season,  Baldwin says more people try to kill Chuck, there will be some family issues, he’ll develop more skills, and there could be at least one wedding.

Creator and executive producer Josh Schwartz then dropped by to discuss season finales and ratings. He was also asked if Casey had an opinion on President Obama. “I try not to step out of my role and above my pay grade when it comes to story and character development,” Badlwin says. “I’ll have my input after I receive the script. If I see something that is touching on a political theme, I try to steer it back towards more of a military aspect and try to keep it strictly apolitical there.” However, he admits Casey is a Reagan fan. Schwartz even showed Baldwin an iPhone with Reagan’s picture on it..

Schwartz wouldn’t say if the season finale had a cliffhanger, but did say it would be a game-hanger. He also says NBC is aware it’s under tough competition, especially Dancing with the Stars, and has been very supportive of the show so far.  “I think we feel very very optimistic,” he says, “and we feel really really good about the show creatively. Everything that we can control, we feel very good about.


Chuck airs Mondays at 8 PM on NBC.

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