Jack Rourke, world renowned (yes, first there’s the painful nouning process – 5 points if you get that) parapsychologist, has gotten up at an ungodly hour to take the time to talk with Whedonopolis about who he is, what he does and how it lead him to work with the production the new action-thriller movie, "Push".

What is parapsychology? Extra-sensory perception (ESP), Psychokinesis (PK), and phenomena suggestive of survival of human consciousness after death, such as apparitions, near-death experiences, etc. Parapsychology is also concerned with all unorthodox aspects of human consciousness, including altered states of consciousness, dreams, hypnosis and trance, etc. 
When I was a kid, up through junior high school, I would have dreams that the next day would come true, dreams in which I wasn’t a part of, yet people I knew were. In junior high, I got brave enough to actually confirm these were premonitions, not just dreams.  So, later in the day school day, I would find a friend who had been in my dream and ask how their day went. And, always, the snippets I saw had happened. In junior high school, I would have non-verbal discussions during class with my friend Pam. Teachers thought we were talking during class, so they would make us sit far apart. Didn’t matter, we still spoke. Gossiped about classmates, helped each other taking tests. Sadly, the dreams faded away over the years and Pam and I are no longer in touch.
Jack says he uses clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance (AKA remote viewing) to consult on criminal and missing person’s cases, interpersonal matters and conduct paranormal research.  And he’s been very successful.
Interview with Jack Rouke (please note: video file is large and may take some time to load)

Now what does this all have to do with the movie "Push"?  Telekinesis. Clairvoyance. Telepathy. For decades, governments around the globe have investigated the possibility of using paranormal abilities as highly effective, covert weapons against their enemies—and even their friends. In 1945, the Nazis launched the first effort to develop psychic warriors. Soon after, the Soviets and the Americans began to conduct their own top-secret research programs, including the CIA’s notorious MKUltra mind control experiments, to develop paranormal operatives, the ultimate tool for undetectable surveillance.

It was these real-life experiments which inspired the action-thriller "Push," set in a deadly world of psychic espionage where the ability to move objects using only the mind, see the future, create new realities and kill without ever touching the victim can turn a person into lethal weapon—or a target.
"Push:" Starring Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, Camilla Belle, Cliff Curtis, Djimon Hounsou
Directed by Paul McGuigan   Written by David Bourla   Rated: PG-13


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