Are any of those people Eliza?

Dushku: I think all of them have a little bit of Eliza in them. It’s about gauging and playing chemist. Yeah. Because I myself have multiple personalities. That’s part of the reason Joss sat down and thought, "I know the perfect show to write for you. … I’ve known you for 10 years, and I have no idea who [or] what you are, so … let’s just video it."

But no, it’s awesome, it’s the coolest, most humbling, and you know, truly great opportunity, experience. Because some parts are more like me, and I can kind of roll out of bed and roll into the outfit and churn them out. And other times, I mean, I’ve had some serious, … challenging roles. Like the blind woman. … They implant cameras into my eyeballs and send me into a cult as a blind woman, like [a] religious cult follower. But I believe that I’m that woman. And so there have been a number of different parts I’ve played that I’ve had to do some serious last-minute research on, and it’s so fun, you know? … It makes it all that much more interesting to go in every day and be wild.

 You can read the entire interview over at Sci Fi Wire.


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