All that said, one does understand the need for the orderly moving of the masses around the various ballrooms and meeting rooms, and one does get that the fire marshall does have the power to close down the sandbox and take our toys away due to wading hip-deep in highly flammable photogs clogging the stage-floor and all the exits. But they seem to forget that accessibility, both for those physically here and those here vicariously over the web, should work for all. and without threats and nastiness to self and property. And how stringent the martial law enforced also varies widely from room to hall and shift changes in the redshirts.

Which isn’t to say that the comic con staff, red shirts included, have not been terrific and helpful and tolerant and willing to listen to the various gripes and logistical beefs. But word obviously hasn’t reached some of the redshirts in the dungeon depths of the bigger halls because their neural-jack-and-megaphone might have been broken.

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