Before getting to Steve’s interview, let’s catch up with Christian Kane. According to his Smoke Signal blog (10/7/07), Christian is doing a new series for TNT called Leverage. He sounds very excited about the character he is playing but can’t say too much about it. His movie Hide will be released in 2008. I can’t wait to see him in this movie. As nice as he is to meet in person, his character looks downright dangerous. As of November, Christian is back in the studio working on some more songs.

Whedonopolis (via email)- I have been following the Steve Carlson Band and own all your CD’s. I really enjoy your (band’s) talent, you (the band) seem to be stronger each time I catch your show, how much time do you as a band practice?

Steve Carlson– As much as we can… I spend a lot more time writing and practicing on my own.

W- Can you tell us a little something about the other members?

SC– Jonah Dolan is ridiculously talented. He’s one of the best drummers I’ve played with. He also plays piano and is a god at Guitar Hero.

Steve Dress went to Julliard. He is classically trained and plays both electric and upright bass. He loves the Patriots and the Red Sox and supposedly he is very well endowed.

David Olivas is way too nice and innocent to even be in the same room with this band… BUT he is the most passionate and hard-working musician I know. He practices for hours each day and since I have known him, he has picked up both the piano and guitar and plays both like they’re second nature. He went to Berkley School of Music in Boston and I enjoy calling him my friend.

W- How long have you been playing together as a band?

SC– About 3 years

W- Besides the music, do you have a day job?

SC– Yes, I run drugs for a Bolivian cartel in the day and I pimp by night. (j/k)

W- You played Creation Entertainment’s Supernatural convention in Chicago a few weeks ago, how was your convention experience?

SC– It was very enjoyable. I had a great time. Everyone was very kind and the crowd was really attentive at the concert, which made the show nice and intimate. 

W- One of our Whedonopolis staff caught your show in Chicago; she thought your song "The One That Got Away" is fabulous! Is it about anyone in particular or just a combination of experiences?

SC– It is about someone in particular. It’s about a break up… that’s about as much as I can say ๐Ÿ™‚

W- Where do you get the inspiration for all those love songs you write?

SC– Usually, they come from personal experiences, but sometimes they come from listening to friends and what they are going through. Most of my inspiration comes from so many different places that it kinda makes it hard to pinpoint one particular origin.

I usually find it in odd places at odd times. Sometimes if I am looking for something to inspire me, I have a few go-to locations that I can go to to write. 

W- What is your ultimate goal musically?

SC– Well, part of me feels like I’ve already achieved my goal. I am able to play music for a living while having an affect on other peoples’ lives. A Grammy would be nice and so would a mansion, but to be honest, I know people that have both and they’re not all as happy as you might think… so, I think I’ll take as it comes and enjoy the ride ๐Ÿ™‚

W- Can we expect a new Steve Carlson Band CD any time soon?

SC– Not sure. I think I may go in and record an acoustic album. Something a bit more stripped down and less produced than the last record.

W- Will Kane be touring again in the U.S. and if so will you be with them?

SC– Hopefully ๐Ÿ™‚

W- Christian Kane is recording in Nashville and you are here, does that mean you will not be on the next Kane CD? 

SC– Again, hopefully ๐Ÿ™‚

W- I met your mother at one of your shows, and your parents seem supportive, do you have siblings?

SC– Yes, I have a sister who lives in Colorado.

W- Can you tell us about your first on stage experience as a musician, where was it? How was the experience?

SC– I sang "Looking for Love" by Johnny Lee at a state fair when I was 10.. I’m sure it sucked, but my folks said I was amazing. ๐Ÿ™‚

W- As a parent I get frustrated that today’s modern child does not get positive exposure to the many genres of traditional (rock, country, bluegrass and folk) American music. Their basic influences are MTV and VH1, which limits their musical experiences. Hollywood clubs are mainly 21+, have you ever played to a younger crowd and if so, how did they respond?

SC– I haven’t really played to many young crowds so I can’t say. I think the best thing parents can do is spend time educating their children on art just as much as they do every other aspect of life. My parents raised me to appreciate a plethora of diverse music ranging from rock, classical, folk, blues, country, jazz, etc.

It’s kinda like food… Had I been raised eating the same thing my whole life, I probably wouldn’t have much interest in cuisine. Why limit what children can become inspired by? I think it is the next generation’s responsibility to educate and motivate kids away from what they’re being force-fed by forces like MTV and McDonalds. Don’t get me wrong, I still love me a Big Mac every once and a while ๐Ÿ™‚

W- I really enjoy your rendition of “She’s Not There”, it is a favorite of my youth, why did you choose to do that song?

SC– I just heard it one day on the radio and I knew I could do something different with the arrangement. It’s not even a song I grew up loving or anything. It’s one of those familiar tunes that most people don’t know the artist and songwriter,.. which I feel usually makes for a great song to cover.

W- Is there a question you have always hoped to be asked and what is it?

SC– Not so much… I’ve been asked just about everything but … my favorite vegetable is corn. A trivial fact that I’m sure the world was waiting for ๐Ÿ™‚

Again, I fully recommend catching Steve any chance you get, whether, it is as a solo act, as in Chicago or with a band. The Steve Carlson band will be playing the Hotel Café in Hollywood on December 4th and 19th.

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