He had received a call from Joss Whedon asking how Alan was planning to fund the project, Alan suggested maybe Joss could co-sign? Alan was clearly blaming Nathan, jokingly, of course. 

The next fan asked about Alan’s experience in Spamalot in New York. She wanted to know if any of the audience that was allowed to come up on the stage at the end of the play were Firefly fans and headed directly towards him. Alan responded that it was handled and the audience members were carefully managed. 

Alan’s cell phone rang several times which he managed to ignore. Finally, he did answer it and announced that it was Nathan Fillion. The crowd yelled for him to put it on speaker, which he did. Nathan could be heard stating that he was not to blame for Serenity 2 rumors and that Alan was a “tool of lies”. Alan, safely holding the phone, yelled “Say it to my face”. Nathan stepped out from a side curtain and the crowd went wild. Nathan took Alan’s chair and microphone, leaving Alan standing. The crowd was excited and many more ran to line up for questions. Anyone asking a question received an autographed trading card from Alan. A second chair was brought on stage (much lower than the first chair) which Nathan then sat in and gave Alan back control of his Q&A. Both were asked about their voiceovers for the video game Halo 3. They were also asked if they had played the game and if they had heard their voiceovers. Nathan commented that their voiceovers were quite different. Nathan’s was bold and commanding and Alan’s was scared and weak. 

Alan was asked about his role in 3:10 to Yuma and his experience with those actors. Nathan immediately answered it for him, jokingly. Alan spoke of the difference in his death scenes. The one inSerenity was quick while the one in 3:10 to Yuma was more dramatic. He said it was filmed near the old Batman’s bat-cave near the Hollywood sign. 

Alan was asked why he did not have an action figure. Nathan answered that Alan’s body was not up to toy standards; his head was the wrong size. He joked that it was a hazard, that they “lost a lot of good kids testing that”.

It has been almost 5 years since Firefly. When asked how he feels about it, Nathan answered he felt “good”. Alan was asked if his Chinese had improved, which was a definite “NO”. A good question was asked about fans financing Serenity 2 and perhaps selling shares. This is a question I am sure many fans wonder and just as many would be eager to purchase a few shares. Who wouldn’t want to own a share of Joss Whedon’s work? They responded jokingly and said something about 20 million dollars and great expense.

They were asked about their next projects. They then joked back and forth so much it was hard to keep track and to stop laughing long enough to breathe and take notes. Then Morena Baccarin came in and joined them on stage. Alan was asked how he thought Wash had proposed to Zoe, he answered that he had not thought about it. He added that he thought Jayne and Wash had a “Brokeback” moment. He had imagined that Wash would pull off his shirt and be covered in prison tattoos and have prison stories. Nathan was asked about Mal’s tattoo in the episode "Trash". He said it was a peace sign with flames. Alan said he had a tattoo of a sinking battleship on his chest.

They were all asked about their thoughts on a musical episode of Firefly. Nathan said it would have to be a western because he would want to do country. He also thought Mal and Inara would sing a duet with neither of them listening to the other. Alan stated he would want to do a flash dance.

Alan was asked whose idea it was to make Wash marry a warrior. He laughed and said Gina (Torres) never acted harder in choosing Wash. Then they talked about how Alan and Morena had met in high school and Alan used to wait tables in New York at a Mexican restaurant where Nathan used to eat. It turned out that Alan had a crush on Nathan’s date at the time.

When asked if they felt type cast, Nathan answered “I wish”, Morena commented “a whore?” and Alan was not worried. They were asked about the torture in the episode "War Stories", how much was scripted. They stated it was worked out the day before. Finally, the time allotted came to an end and they all said their goodbyes and left to do their autograph sessions. The crowd was thrilled with this Q&A and satisfied as Firefly/Serenity fans.

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